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How'd you get there?

Look all around...what do you see?

I am a listener....a thinker....a person of wonder

When you watch from across the street do you ever stop and wonder....How'd they get there?

How did that homeless person get to be homelss? Do they have family? Were they ever married....but most importantly what happened to their job to put them in the homeless category?

And the person driving that REALLY nice car....was it inherited money or did they fulfill some lifelong dream…


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Lonlieness is a state of mind...

I always worried about my mom and dad being alone after their divorce....even with 3 kids.  My mom had custody of us so she was NEVER alone, and other than work my dad was ALWAYS alone.

Alone can be many different things....Physically being alone when noone else is around. Or you can be surrounded by people, yet still feel lonely, like something is missing.

Lonlieness is a state of mind, and the mind can trap you into your own prison.  So what cures lonlieness?  Positive…


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This Guy

                 I never write anything, seldom read anything. So me sitting here writing my first blog ever is a huge challenge. Those of you that know me personally (and not many do) understand I am in  emotional distress. I have done a lot in my life.... As a kid I started playing guitar all the time, possessed some would say, I played for hours and hours. I couldn't ever put the damn thing down. So from the start I was addicted. My dad always had a…


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If we could harvest the power of B.S.

Kingdoms have risen and fallen because of it. Elected officials have resigned because of it. Jobs have been offered, and people have been fired over it. Enthusiasm is crushed by it. People are motivated by it. Web sites are full of it. Family gatherings revolve around it. Leisure time is designed around it. The business world runs on it. College classrooms are over-flowing with it. Man caves are built around it. Houses feel like home because of it. Friends like to share it. Spouses are sick…


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Regret is heavy......lighten the load

I analyze everyone, I've always done it, perhaps it's the wanna be psychologist in me, or maybe it's just the world in which I grew up in.

I grew up with a dad that was never wrong, never apologized, and never was the cause of anything that went wrong.

I always had to be ahead of the game, no reaction to anything and a closed mouth.

My dad showed me the road map to disaster, by walking away from a family, marriage, with a lifetime of drinking and affairs....but I still…


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How did you start riding?

My mother is afraid of Motorcycles. I was never allowed to have a dirt bike. My Dad did figure some way out to let us get a three wheeler ( you know, they were MUCH safer than a bike!). I succeded in proving her theory, I broke my pelvis in three places during a real cool wreck. That ended my riding career while I lived at mom's house. When I went away to college, I found myself in a unique situation. My friend wanted to buy a real cool bike, but he had to sell this Yamaha 450 for 500 bucks.…


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Just A Few Problems With America

I have an idea...Lets drill for our own dang oil and let them keep their $100 + per barrel. I don't know about you but I miss the days of paying $.97 cents per gallon.... Money hungry corporate America SUCKS! That is all I have to say about that! I think our congress should have to wear Nascar suits so we can see who their corporate sponsors are.... Oh yeah, if you are an American company, QUIT SENDING YOUR OUTSOURCED CALLS TO INDIA!!!! WE HAVE HUNDREDS OF THOUSAND WILLING AND ABLE AMERICANS…


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The Importance of saying I'm sorry

I didn't wright this, I was trying to figure out why some people never say they are sorry. and this showed up, no name as to who wrote it and I thought, ummmm, just what I'm looking for......................................

 The Importance of Saying "I'm Sorry"

There is an expression that we use when we make a mistake: “I'm only human.” We're saying that everybody makes mistakes, so what we did is okay. And it is okay, as long as we take personal responsibility for our…


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Bikers and stereotypes?

My friend Jodi posted a comment on Facebook recently, and it got me to thinkin', and when I get thinkin' I gotta share.....

Remember 2008 election day? Black Panthers allegedly carrying billy clubs at the polls, intimidating white voters, reportedly saying such things as "you are about to be ruled by a Black man, Cracker"? Got a lot of coverage at the time, and they got arrested, and rightly so.  Then Obama got elected, and we forgot all about the story. Did you know that the charges…


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true to yourself

Always be true to yourself. The things one may accomplish, the things one may fail, always be true to oneself. Being true involves honesty. If one can stay honest with their perspectives, they can learn from them. If success is the result of a team of people, be honest! Give the credit where it is due. If the failure is the result of one single action, be honest. Take responsibility if the credit is truly due to oneself, positive or negative. Too many times people try and shift blame either…


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Hang in their!- it's a way of life!


Most people can identify with trying to hang on. The fall is not as bad as the sudden stop at the bottom. Be aware of the reasons not to fall- that sudden stop HURTS! Situations in life will make one find themselves at the end of their proverbial rope. This is just life. Life is what happens while we are out…

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Life is about accomplishments!


What is the meaning of life? That I am not sure. What I do know is that life is about successes. A person is not remembered for the things they fail to do. Babe Ruth was not remembered for the times he struck out, but he was remembered for the times he hit…

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sometimes you need to feel the wind.

sometimes you need to feel the wind.

One can easily develop a need to stay so busy they are never able to live. The need to stick ones head out the window and let the wind blow through his/her hair is a basic…

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Biker fever!

     The time rolls around every spring when you just have to get out and ride. This year come early, but are we rushing it.  With the warm wether coming so soon this year there are alot of bikes already on the road. Which I love to see.  

     Being the nature of this website it should not be necessary to give the reminder of being safe on the motorcycles, but I'm going to do it anyway. Just remember every year four wheeled motorist seem to forget that us two wheeled enthusiasts are…


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Crime and Punishment

One night, I goofed off going to bed,
Mom took me to THE WOOD-SHED.
The other day, I painted the cat red,
Mom took me to THE…

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What defines your happiness?

Happiness is defined in the dictionary as "state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy."

But what defines YOUR happiness is the TRUE meaning of happiness.

We all look for something different in life.....yet we all seem to want the same common goal...happiness

I encounter the public on a daily basis and when people talk about their kids and their future the #1 hope for them is whatever they do...."they are happy"

You can…


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As a kid growing up I was a single child. The closest thing to a brother I new was an uncle that was 10 yrs older than me. We went Cow Tippin' - He let me drive way before I was 16 - He taught me a lot about music - Women - etc.... Homegrownbiker.com is his site. I just want to say thanks for all you have ever done for me Doug. I may not be a biker, but I am family... That means I stand by you no matter what. Keep on Rockin' in the Free World Mr. Simmons... Keep on Rockin' and if you ever…


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What's in YOUR nature?

I‘ve been thinking a lot recently about our nature.  Human nature.   Is it human nature to back a winner?  If it is, how about hitting someone when they’re down?  Sorta the same isn’t it?  Think about it like this….

Why are there all of a sudden so many Colts fans when they are winning?  Seems like everybody I know was all of a sudden a Colts fan a couple years back, when we saw no indication whatsoever that most of these folks were interested in the slightest while the Colts were…


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A day in the life of Homegrown Biker

The saying "Sometimes things have to fall apart for better things to fall together" was proven yesterday.

As most of us saw yesterday on facebook the original group of models for the Homegrown Biker Photo Shoot  failed to show, so expecting a disaster when we arrived (and in my head thinking "who do we know") to our surprise we arrived to a photo shoot in progress.....with perfect "Homegrown" girls. 

I was very proud of Doug for quickly "shifting gears" and moving forward (as…


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What lessons death has taught me.....

When you go through illness with someone and then in the end death, there is so much reflected and looked back upon, regrets, wishes, and so on, and in the end it’s usually too late. 

What death has taught me……..

~Forgive today, for there may not be a tomorrow

~If you love someone show them because those opportunities can be lost

~The dishes, the dirty house, the laundry….it can wait, making memories cannot

~It’s best to be remembered by the wounds you…


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Watch the road, friends.....

OK, Friends.....  I had an accident, and laid down my Electra Glide, and was in a coma for a few weeks....... I am back to work now, healthy and alive! I will ask everyone reading to please pay attention to everyone in front of you....every day.....apparently, the waste of human existence that was in front of my Harley completely disregarded me...and cut me off, which caused me to lock up the brakes on my bike and lay it down.  (Hell, even with me bleeding and out cold on the…


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SKARD rock band - true biker rock

SKARD rock band - true biker rock 


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SKARD rock band - true biker rock

SKARD rock band - true biker rock 

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