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How Heroin changed my life

It was 3:30am  on May 19th 1998.  The phone rang at my moms house, she answered "Hello" the voice on the other end said "Are you JD's mom" she said "yes"........and the phone went dead...only a dial tone.  She lay awake knowing, what we would all soon know.

Across town........4:00am           

The phone rang, I answered, my dad said "Put Jamie on the phone"   After listening to Jamie say "ok, ok, ok" the phone was handed back to me.  My dad said through a cracked voice and …


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Call me Libertarian

I guess I'm a Libertarian.....

Think about it....whether you claim to be a Democrat or a Republican, I bet your chosen party stands firmly for, and firmly against, some things that are important to you. I know neither one speaks for me. Not even close. I know a lot of people like me, too.

- I am for Gun rights, and believe that the Constitution guarantees my right to own and carry a gun, if I want. Republicans agree, Dems don't.

- I am for Abortion rights. I believe that…


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Be the one

By now, if you've read anything I've  written, you know my blog posts are about "life lessons" and lessons that were learned, and lived personally.

I grew up within a house where there was minimal communication and an alcoholic father... that NEVER drank around his children.  So it was not an abusive situation....just a non communicative one.  So to be who I am today is truly a miracle, by the grace of an amazing mom.

At age 12 my parents got a divorce.  My uncle came to visit…


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Watch the road, friends.....

OK, Friends.....  I had an accident, and laid down my Electra Glide, and was in a coma for a few weeks....... I am back to work now, healthy and alive! I will ask everyone reading to please pay attention to everyone in front of you....every day.....apparently, the waste of human existence that was in front of my Harley completely disregarded me...and cut me off, which caused me to lock up the brakes on my bike and lay it down.  (Hell, even with me bleeding and out cold on the…


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SKARD rock band - true biker rock

SKARD rock band - true biker rock 


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SKARD rock band - true biker rock

SKARD rock band - true biker rock 

Posted by SKARD band ~ True Biker Rock on January 3, 2016 at 4:45am

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