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As a kid growing up I was a single child. The closest thing to a brother I new was an uncle that was 10 yrs older than me. We went Cow Tippin' - He let me drive way before I was 16 - He taught me a lot about music - Women - etc.... is his site. I just want to say thanks for all you have ever done for me Doug. I may not be a biker, but I am family... That means I stand by you no matter what. Keep on Rockin' in the Free World Mr. Simmons... Keep on Rockin' and if you ever…


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What's in YOUR nature?

I‘ve been thinking a lot recently about our nature.  Human nature.   Is it human nature to back a winner?  If it is, how about hitting someone when they’re down?  Sorta the same isn’t it?  Think about it like this….

Why are there all of a sudden so many Colts fans when they are winning?  Seems like everybody I know was all of a sudden a Colts fan a couple years back, when we saw no indication whatsoever that most of these folks were interested in the slightest while the Colts were…


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A day in the life of Homegrown Biker

The saying "Sometimes things have to fall apart for better things to fall together" was proven yesterday.

As most of us saw yesterday on facebook the original group of models for the Homegrown Biker Photo Shoot  failed to show, so expecting a disaster when we arrived (and in my head thinking "who do we know") to our surprise we arrived to a photo shoot in progress.....with perfect "Homegrown" girls. 

I was very proud of Doug for quickly "shifting gears" and moving forward (as…


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What lessons death has taught me.....

When you go through illness with someone and then in the end death, there is so much reflected and looked back upon, regrets, wishes, and so on, and in the end it’s usually too late. 

What death has taught me……..

~Forgive today, for there may not be a tomorrow

~If you love someone show them because those opportunities can be lost

~The dishes, the dirty house, the laundry….it can wait, making memories cannot

~It’s best to be remembered by the wounds you…


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Don't forget to tip!

I view life and tipping service people differently now......

In November of 2008, after losing my dad, we were flown out to California to a memorial service.  My dad, in our eyes, was a "celebrity"....and for those in the racing field, he really was.  He had an impressive 20+year career as the Director of Emergency Safety Services for the National Hot Rod Association.  In his many years of this career his job was to travel state to state, dragstrip to dragstrip.  I knew that he spent…


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Are you a donor?

It's funny how a day can hit you and you realize where you were years back.....for me today is just another day, but in April of 2008 I was spending much time driving back and forth to Indy helping out with my dad.

You see, my dad was my hero....those of you that knew my life situation would question "WHY" would your dad be your hero.  My dad worked three jobs my entire that he could fund his alcoholism...yes it's sad but true.  He was the hardest working man I have…


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Ever had to live on a budget?  In one way or another, we all have, right?

The concept is simple, isn't it?  Figure out what you need to spend, and where you want to spend it, then figure out how much money you can round up toward that total.  If the amount of money you can round up is less than what you wanted (or needed) to spend, you have a budget. 

Pretty simple, right? Next, you probably will prioritize your spending.  Pay the high priority…


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Lime green Leisure suit!!

We all have favorite holiday stories for pretty much every holiday, don't we?  Here is my favorite Easter story.....

My grandkids think I am older than dirt.  Even though they are sure I was alive at the time of the resurrection, I wasn't.  I do not personally recall the resurrection.  Limiting my favorite Easter to one which I actually witnessed leaves us with more than 40 Easters though. Still a lot. 

Like many American kids, my Brother and I looked…


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Three things my Mom taught me

My Mom is a pretty wise woman. She taught little brother Craig and I lots of things, but 3 stand out in my memory today. 

 Don’t “dawdle” is one of my favorites. This childhood lesson was meant to impart upon little brother Craig and I the concept of not wasting time when we had a task to do.  If you know what your task is, and what direction you need to go, get moving in that direction. Don’t waste a bunch of time trying to figure out how to get out of doing…


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I love a good conspiracy theory....don''t we all?

I got to thinking recently about the stereotypical question "If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would you choose".....And I thought of a twist on it, because I couldn't choose.

Forget the "boo hoo" stuff, I ain't asking for one more dinner with a dear departed relative, although that would be great. I'd want to solve some of the mysteries of all time.



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Karma/payback and bullies

      I have been told that I have a “hot temper”.  You don’t hear that term used a lot these days, what with all the so-called “experts” out there that have a pidgeon-hole definition for everything, but it is pretty accurate for me.  

     When I was a kid, my temper could cause the occasional “issue” for me.  All the other kids, as I saw it, were out to get me. They wouldn’t let the fat kid with the thick glasses (little Scotty) play. When I was allowed to play in a neighborhood…


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"I wanna ROCK"..... HUH??

I suppose most people have some sort of "short list" for things they always wanted to do.  Some folks look forward to realistic goals and eventually get there.  Some folks dream of things that will never happen for them.  When someone asks me what I would like to do in my life, I remember an old music video by Twisted Sister, (I can't help myself, it's burned into my brain).

At the beginning of the video, a school teacher screams at a student: "All right, 'Mister…


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Loud Music?? Huh??

Chronologically I am barely into middle age, but it seems I have the ears of an old man.  I have too many years under my belt of loud rock-n-roll, too many years working in loud factories. Still, I can hear the loud hip hop thumpa thumpa rattling my windows as the people drive down the road.  I can even hear it over the loud pipes on my Harley when we pull up at a stop light. It has gotta be more damaging to them than my favorites were to me, after all, it is twice as…


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When you "Assume" you make an.......well, you remember...LOL

We all make assumptions about others don't we? 

Some of us try to deny it, others embrace it, but we all do it. We can't help it. 

Usually the assumption is about someone who is perceived to be somehow significantly different than you...different race, different religion, different body type, different hobby, different hair color even. Who hasn't heard a blonde joke, or a Polish joke?  We all know neither the blonde or the polish are less…


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Good stuff is where you find it!!

Springtime, a time of rejuvenation..time to reflect for a lot of folks, on the best parts, and worst parts of the year. Time to start all over if we need to.  I was asked the age-old question "what was the best part of the last year" by our local newspaper Editor recently, and I responded with something like this.....

Tough year at yer ol’ buddy Scotty’s house. There was a lot of bad news to be sure, but the BEST news? That is a tough one. Can’t celebrate death.…


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Partial Playlist

 Big Foot - Chickenfoot

Cryin Like A Bitch -Godsmack

Rock and Roll All Night - Kiss

Another Brick In The Wall - Korn

Whiskey In The Jar - Metallica

Crazy Train - Ozzy

Bark at The Moon - Ozzy

Stillborn - Black Label Society…


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Your friends are where you find 'em, no matter who they are, or what they are.....

The last thing you need is a sermon from yer Ol' Buddy Scotty,so let's skip that part, OK? “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”... Remember the story? So the story goes, the authorities took an adulterous woman to Jesus, asking Him what he would do with her. They stood ready to stone her to death. He responded to their queries with some version of the “let he who is without sin…” thing. 

Even if you believe that the Bible is the word of God, ya gotta…


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Watch the road, friends.....

OK, Friends.....  I had an accident, and laid down my Electra Glide, and was in a coma for a few weeks....... I am back to work now, healthy and alive! I will ask everyone reading to please pay attention to everyone in front of you....every day.....apparently, the waste of human existence that was in front of my Harley completely disregarded me...and cut me off, which caused me to lock up the brakes on my bike and lay it down.  (Hell, even with me bleeding and out cold on the…


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SKARD rock band - true biker rock

SKARD rock band - true biker rock 


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SKARD rock band - true biker rock

SKARD rock band - true biker rock 

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