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How Heroin changed my life

It was 3:30am  on May 19th 1998.  The phone rang at my moms house, she answered "Hello" the voice on the other end said "Are you JD's mom" she said "yes"........and the phone went dead...only a dial tone.  She lay awake knowing, what we would all soon know.

Across town........4:00am           

The phone rang, I answered, my dad said "Put Jamie on the phone"   After listening to Jamie say "ok, ok, ok" the phone was handed back to me.  My dad said through a cracked voice and …


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Be the one

By now, if you've read anything I've  written, you know my blog posts are about "life lessons" and lessons that were learned, and lived personally.

I grew up within a house where there was minimal communication and an alcoholic father... that NEVER drank around his children.  So it was not an abusive situation....just a non communicative one.  So to be who I am today is truly a miracle, by the grace of an amazing mom.

At age 12 my parents got a divorce.  My uncle came to visit…


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How'd you get there?

Look all around...what do you see?

I am a listener....a thinker....a person of wonder

When you watch from across the street do you ever stop and wonder....How'd they get there?

How did that homeless person get to be homelss? Do they have family? Were they ever married....but most importantly what happened to their job to put them in the homeless category?

And the person driving that REALLY nice car....was it inherited money or did they fulfill some lifelong dream…


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Lonlieness is a state of mind...

I always worried about my mom and dad being alone after their divorce....even with 3 kids.  My mom had custody of us so she was NEVER alone, and other than work my dad was ALWAYS alone.

Alone can be many different things....Physically being alone when noone else is around. Or you can be surrounded by people, yet still feel lonely, like something is missing.

Lonlieness is a state of mind, and the mind can trap you into your own prison.  So what cures lonlieness?  Positive…


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Regret is heavy......lighten the load

I analyze everyone, I've always done it, perhaps it's the wanna be psychologist in me, or maybe it's just the world in which I grew up in.

I grew up with a dad that was never wrong, never apologized, and never was the cause of anything that went wrong.

I always had to be ahead of the game, no reaction to anything and a closed mouth.

My dad showed me the road map to disaster, by walking away from a family, marriage, with a lifetime of drinking and affairs....but I still…


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What defines your happiness?

Happiness is defined in the dictionary as "state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy."

But what defines YOUR happiness is the TRUE meaning of happiness.

We all look for something different in life.....yet we all seem to want the same common goal...happiness

I encounter the public on a daily basis and when people talk about their kids and their future the #1 hope for them is whatever they do...."they are happy"

You can…


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A day in the life of Homegrown Biker

The saying "Sometimes things have to fall apart for better things to fall together" was proven yesterday.

As most of us saw yesterday on facebook the original group of models for the Homegrown Biker Photo Shoot  failed to show, so expecting a disaster when we arrived (and in my head thinking "who do we know") to our surprise we arrived to a photo shoot in progress.....with perfect "Homegrown" girls. 

I was very proud of Doug for quickly "shifting gears" and moving forward (as…


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What lessons death has taught me.....

When you go through illness with someone and then in the end death, there is so much reflected and looked back upon, regrets, wishes, and so on, and in the end it’s usually too late. 

What death has taught me……..

~Forgive today, for there may not be a tomorrow

~If you love someone show them because those opportunities can be lost

~The dishes, the dirty house, the laundry….it can wait, making memories cannot

~It’s best to be remembered by the wounds you…


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Don't forget to tip!

I view life and tipping service people differently now......

In November of 2008, after losing my dad, we were flown out to California to a memorial service.  My dad, in our eyes, was a "celebrity"....and for those in the racing field, he really was.  He had an impressive 20+year career as the Director of Emergency Safety Services for the National Hot Rod Association.  In his many years of this career his job was to travel state to state, dragstrip to dragstrip.  I knew that he spent…


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Are you a donor?

It's funny how a day can hit you and you realize where you were years back.....for me today is just another day, but in April of 2008 I was spending much time driving back and forth to Indy helping out with my dad.

You see, my dad was my hero....those of you that knew my life situation would question "WHY" would your dad be your hero.  My dad worked three jobs my entire that he could fund his alcoholism...yes it's sad but true.  He was the hardest working man I have…


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Watch the road, friends.....

OK, Friends.....  I had an accident, and laid down my Electra Glide, and was in a coma for a few weeks....... I am back to work now, healthy and alive! I will ask everyone reading to please pay attention to everyone in front of you....every day.....apparently, the waste of human existence that was in front of my Harley completely disregarded me...and cut me off, which caused me to lock up the brakes on my bike and lay it down.  (Hell, even with me bleeding and out cold on the…


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SKARD rock band - true biker rock

SKARD rock band - true biker rock 


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SKARD rock band - true biker rock

SKARD rock band - true biker rock 

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