The saying "Sometimes things have to fall apart for better things to fall together" was proven yesterday.

As most of us saw yesterday on facebook the original group of models for the Homegrown Biker Photo Shoot  failed to show, so expecting a disaster when we arrived (and in my head thinking "who do we know") to our surprise we arrived to a photo shoot in progress.....with perfect "Homegrown" girls. 

I was very proud of Doug for quickly "shifting gears" and moving forward (as he found a NEW group of awesome girls)

Watching Anne Brisco, the photographer and these girls work together was very inspiring.  These were not agency supermodels, yet all were beautiful, and in their own right could be.   In real clothes, not some "run way" get up.  This photo shoot was done very tastefully.

Being a "real" female, I think the response from other "real" females will be appreciation that Doug took the time to think of us. These girls were clothed, nothing crazy, but fashioned in a way that a "real" female would think "hey that could be me"

So as Homegrown Biker grows and blossoms into something even more wonderful than it already is I hope you will remember that this vision....this idea, started with a single Dad, with a passion for motorcycles, something that would help him take care of his daughter, and something to be proud of. For those of us that are on the ground floor of the stairway to his dream, we will all tell you it's a great place to be.





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