By now, if you've read anything I've  written, you know my blog posts are about "life lessons" and lessons that were learned, and lived personally.

I grew up within a house where there was minimal communication and an alcoholic father... that NEVER drank around his children.  So it was not an abusive situation....just a non communicative one.  So to be who I am today is truly a miracle, by the grace of an amazing mom.

At age 12 my parents got a divorce.  My uncle came to visit and handed me a beautiful journal and said "fill this with your thoughts" Little did he know that he gave me a gift, a salvation, and a motivation.  The empty pages soon became filled as I moved onto one journal after another.  And within those pages came a healing like no other.  What couldn't be said to my dad was unleashed on those pages.  And I felt stronger, wiser, but most of all, I felt in control of my destiny.

Being an alcoholics daughter I had 2 choices......I could let that "gene" consume me....or I could educate myself on how NOT to let it not ruin my life.  I made a promise to myself at the moment...."I will not become my father"

Anyone that knows me quickly learns I DO NOT DRINK, never have, and honestly if the rock bottoms I have hit, haven't taken me there...they never will. 

When going to AA meetings with an alcoholic, you learn REAL truths, and you speak REAL dad got his, all the pain, heartache, disappointment.....and truth.  He left this life never knowing the depths of my despair, other than THAT moment in AA.  Had I gotten in his face and yelled and released all of my anger he would have....but what would that have done for either one of us?  The group heard my reality, completely shocked that an alcoholics child did NOT drink....I was the only "visiting child" that could say that.  The AA leader said "do you realize what a gift that is" and at that moment I knew MY truth. 

In this life, we have the choice....the choice to BE THE ONE, to say, I'm not going to take this anymore, time to make a change.

In this life, we have the choice....the choice to BE THE ONE, to make a difference and break patterns that consume us and hurt others.

In this life, we have the choice...the choice to BE THE ONE, to show our children positive influences, rather than the negative.

In this life, we have the choice...the choice to BE THE ONE, to hit the "stop" button...instead of hitting "repeat"

In this life, we have the choice...the choice to BE THE ONE, that has made positive choices, that others look upon and say..."I want to BE just like THAT ONE."


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