I guess I'm a Libertarian.....

Think about it....whether you claim to be a Democrat or a Republican, I bet your chosen party stands firmly for, and firmly against, some things that are important to you. I know neither one speaks for me. Not even close. I know a lot of people like me, too.

- I am for Gun rights, and believe that the Constitution guarantees my right to own and carry a gun, if I want. Republicans agree, Dems don't.

- I am for Abortion rights. I believe that abortion is wrong, and it is not a choice I would make if I were allowed to choose, but I am firm in my belief that such choices are between you and your maker, or you and the person you created the child with. They are not mine, or some preacher's, or some politicians, to make, they are yours. I will defend to the end your right to make that choice. Republicans are against me on this one, Dems are with me. Tie score.

- I am for Gay rights. That one is a no brainer in my mind. Whether being gay is a choice or biological, who cares? It boils down, in my mind, to equal rights for all. Who someone sleeps with is none of my business, or yours, or (especially) the government's, so why should they not be allowed to get married, or have a partner be listed as next of kin, or file joint taxes, etc? Neither party agrees with me here, exactly, but nod to the Dems...barely.

- I don't like paying for other people's laziness, or stupidity, or unfortunate geographic circumstance. I don't want to pay for entitlement programs, at all, except tuition programs, and ..(a biggie)... Medicine. Both parties want to take my money and give it to whoever they see fit, whether it is welfare, or bonuses for billionaires, and I don't support that. Slight nod to the Republicans here.

- Did I mention medicine? OK, I am a Commie here. I believe Medicine is a basic human right, and we should all be able to have what we need without going into the poorhouse to do it. So, the government should either allow free market medicine with price regulations in place, or provide it to all at no charge. Pay for it with a FLAT tax, based on GROSS income. Everybody pays, no deductions, even if they are living on OUR Welfare dollars. The Dems had the right concept, then ruined it with a bunch of political caveats and nonsense. ObamaCare is wrong on too many levels to list. This one is a tie. Neither party supports me here.

So, what does this all boil down to? I believe in personal liberty. Our right to choose. And my right not to be encumbered by YOUR right to choose. I don't appreciate people deciding for themselves on an issue, like, say, abortion or gun control, and then deciding that, since I don't agree with them, I clearly do not have the capacity to make a rational choice for myself, so they go about forcing their choices on me. The only party close to my beliefs is the Libertarians. The issues I mentioned may not be the important ones to you, or you may disagree with some, but I bet you can agree that rational adults should be allowed to make rational decisions for themselves with a minimum of intrusion from a bunch of self serving politicians. From now on, that's me. As long as neither of the big parties gives a damn about representing the actual people, like me, and I bet you, you can call me Libertarian. Who's with me?

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