I love a good conspiracy theory....don''t we all?

I got to thinking recently about the stereotypical question "If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would you choose".....And I thought of a twist on it, because I couldn't choose.

Forget the "boo hoo" stuff, I ain't asking for one more dinner with a dear departed relative, although that would be great. I'd want to solve some of the mysteries of all time.

Naw, I reckon I would choose a conspiracy to look into.  What the heck? It's my story.... I believe I'll take TWO conspiracies to ask about . If I could have dinner with 2 historical figures,  I would  pick a couple people with conspiracies surrounding them that they could clear up. 

Think about it....most historical figures in US history are (or were) prolific writers.  I love a good book, especially an autobiography, so I have read several written by past Presidents, entertainers, scholars, and the like.  Even Abraham Lincoln and JFK were prolific writers and speakers, plus, they probably knew nothing about the plot to assassinate them or the developments thereafter that most of us would find interesting.  Any questions we could ask these types of people are probably in writing already if we care to look and read a bit.  So, that leaves the heavy hitters of history out, if I wanna clear up a conspiracy or two, doesn't it?  But.....there are a few folks that  died under mysterious circumstances, circumstances that only they, and maybe a spare few others would know.  Those folks would be my choices.  

Who then? 

I would love to have dinner with Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison.  Assuming they are dead today (I say "assuming" because, as I said earlier, I love a good conspiracy theory), and assuming the answers would be truthful and not some sort of mysterious riddle, I would ask them the date and circumstances of their actual deaths.   Both "died" while still young and popular, under mysterious circumstances, with poorly written autopsies and bodies at the funerals that did not look like, and were not the same size as, the supposed deceased person. 

Of course there would be seemingly infinite follow up questions if one or both faked their own deaths....How did you do it?  Why did you do it?  How did you pay the bills afterword?  Who else knew/assisted, etc? Who did you put in the graves? It would be a great story.  If at least one of these men who changed the face of popular culture and American music forever did not actually die in the manner, or on the date, reported in the press, I would be hearing the best story I ever heard, wouldn't I? 

It would warm the very heart of an old conspiracy theorist like me.   Worst case, even if they died how and when the news reported at the time, they could probably shed a lot of light on the circumstances. Still a heckuva good dinner.  I might even like the fried peanut butter and banana sammiches that I bet ol' Elvis would want for dinner......

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