Fathers day is one of the craziest days we celebrate. From my viewpoint, any dummy can father a child - It does not take any hard work, it takes a small amount of effort, and it doesn't even require a test. Being a father is a joy for some, a curse for others and a distant dream for many. If we are looking to celebrate something, let's celebrate Dad's day. I am lucky enough to have a great DAD. This man is also my father. I do not wish to celebrate him being my Father- I choose to celebrate him being my DAD. This man has taken time out of his life to teach me to fish, shoot guns, play sports, love, respect, cherish, enjoy the little things of life, speak my mind, and shut my mouth when I need to. Being a DAD is much more important than being a father. Being a DAD takes so much effort, lets celebrate DADS week! I am all for this approach. One of those days can emphasize the father part (ok, Sunday it is), but the rest of the week celebrates evrything that goes into being a DAD. I am who I am today because my DAD is who he is. I am my own person, but much of what I value and respect was taught to me by my DAD. Lets all begin celebrateing DAD's week......... After all, A true DAD deserves more than just one day of recognition!

These have been more words of Wisdom from Uncle Tom!

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