Springtime, a time of rejuvenation..time to reflect for a lot of folks, on the best parts, and worst parts of the year. Time to start all over if we need to.  I was asked the age-old question "what was the best part of the last year" by our local newspaper Editor recently, and I responded with something like this.....

Tough year at yer ol’ buddy Scotty’s house. There was a lot of bad news to be sure, but the BEST news? That is a tough one. Can’t celebrate death. Skip the Judeo-Christian reasons why Death can be viewed as good news. People croaking is sad. Even Bin Laden and Quaddafi have families and friends. I just can't see the deaths or illnesses in our family, or anybody's families, as good news, even if they ended months of suffering. 

Doggone it, I didn’t win the lottery this year either. Obama hasn’t figured out a way to hand me a few million in gifts like he gave the cheating, thieving, CEO’s and Execs, or even a few thousand in gifts like he gave the poor. No good news there.

Pizza and burgers still have lots of calories, and fat, and are bad for me. Diet Coke and Dr Pepper are bad for me too. So are Cigarettes. Problem is, for me, those are the 4 food groups. There is still no cure for being a tub-o-lard that doesn’t require proper diet and exercise. Fiddlesticks, no good news there.

What are the chances we will see a miracle? Pretty slim, know what I mean? If we wait for the big stuff to happen, we will never get any good news. So OK, forget all the big stuff, then. Take pleasure in the small stuff.

We all have good news somewhere. For example, our oldest grandkid got her driver’s license last year. Sami is smart, careful, and still scares her parents to death. I take immense pleasure in seeing my daughter Angel deal with the same stuff I had to deal with when my kids learned to drive. Then there are Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Volleyball, and Soccer for some of our grandkids as well. Whether they are stars or not doesn't matter. The good news is they are trying, getting involved, growing up, and I get to watch. All little stuff, yeah, but good news for me. I enjoy watching my progeny evolve, grow, learn.  The fact that they put up with a grouchy ol' man like me and allow me to watch is good news, right?

With me now?  So what, the Wizard behind the curtain didn’t take me home to Kansas this year. I didn’t hit the Lotto. Oh well, I don’t particularly wanna go to Kansas, and I am ahead all the money I didn’t spend on lotto tickets. Look at the bright side where ya can, and take pleasure in the little things in life. Works for me.

Take it easy Kids..... -Scotty-

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