Look all around...what do you see?

I am a listener....a thinker....a person of wonder

When you watch from across the street do you ever stop and wonder....How'd they get there?

How did that homeless person get to be homelss? Do they have family? Were they ever married....but most importantly what happened to their job to put them in the homeless category?

And the person driving that REALLY nice car....was it inherited money or did they fulfill some lifelong dream that allowed them to purchase that car....or did they just work really hard to get something that they truly wanted?

And the drug deal taking place at the corner of Igorance and Stupidity Blvd...how did that dealer end up there? Is this the only way to put food on the table or is this the only life they've ever known?  Was it the hand that they were dealt? And what about the one buying...What is so bad in their life that they're on this street?

And the children playing, quietly, innocently, on the playground, in our back yards, in our neighborhoods...don't you wonder what they'll grow up to be?

Be the change you want to see......It starts at home.

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