I suppose most people have some sort of "short list" for things they always wanted to do.  Some folks look forward to realistic goals and eventually get there.  Some folks dream of things that will never happen for them.  When someone asks me what I would like to do in my life, I remember an old music video by Twisted Sister, (I can't help myself, it's burned into my brain).

At the beginning of the video, a school teacher screams at a student: "All right, 'Mister Sister,' I want you to tell me, no, better yet, stand up, and tell the class, Whatta you wanna do with your life?", to which, the ne'er do well kid stands up and retorts at the top of his lungs "I wanna ROCK"!.  Yep....the way I see it, that is pretty much how most people view the question of what they wanna do with their lives. 

They wanna rock....or hit the lottery...or own a multi million dollar company that runs itself but keeps them ever richer.  They wanna hang with the "jet set" or party with "groupies" every night.  I figure most would rather dream of things they don't have  the talent, intellect, or resources to achieve than find a realistic goal and work toward it. And, even if that might be a realistic goal for them, assuming they have the talent, they will never, ever, put in a hundredth, much less a tenth, or half, of the work it will take to get there. They want it handed to them on a silver platter, but if they have to earn it, they will blame someone or something else for the fact that they don't have what they want.  To each his or her own, and if the thought alone will make them happy, then more power to them, but that just isn't for me. 

I need to dream of things I can actually achieve. I don't even like to shop if I don't have the "money in pocket", much less plan for something to happen in my life that I could never have. 

What I set my sights on is nearly impossible for some people, so, to them, I am probably the one planning for the impossible, but even as a very young man, I wanted to stay married for life, have kids, and be a Dad.  I wanted to own a home, buy an old army jeep to play with, and ride Harleys with my wife whenever we want once the kids are grown. 

I still haven't bought the old army jeep, but I got the rest, so far.  All I want to do with my life is keep the gifts I have.  I can be happy with that.  For those of you that "wanna rock"....good luck to you, but yer ol' buddy Scotty's best advice is, don't count on it.

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