Chronologically I am barely into middle age, but it seems I have the ears of an old man.  I have too many years under my belt of loud rock-n-roll, too many years working in loud factories. Still, I can hear the loud hip hop thumpa thumpa rattling my windows as the people drive down the road.  I can even hear it over the loud pipes on my Harley when we pull up at a stop light. It has gotta be more damaging to them than my favorites were to me, after all, it is twice as loud.

Ever wonder why it is that every generation imposes their favorite music on everyone else by means of sheer volume?

We like our Rock, Metal, Rap, Country,or whatever, so we play it at ear damaging volume. The kids that loved the original Hank Williams turned up their radios to the max when "Move It On Over" came on, just the same as I cranked up Ted Nugent, or my kids played Garth Brooks.   Although some of the stuff people listen to was written with the sonics of extreme volume in mind, (Jimi Hendrix's music for example), I bet most of it was not intended to be enjoyed at window shattering volume.  So why are we compelled to play our favorite music at such physically damaging volumes?  Are we loving it so much that we crave more?  Do we need it so much that it can never be loud enough to suit us? Or, are we just trying to make sure everyone else knows what new cool thing we are listening to?   Is the purpose to prove just how much of a tough guy, cool dude, or gangsta you are (depending on your generation)?  

Maybe at first, we turned up our favorites simply so we could be certain to hear every note.  Then, we added the adrenaline of rock and roll, so volume added more adrenaline to the experience. All these years later, we still feel the need to “crank it up”.  Why?  I don’t know, and I still do it myself.  If I am deaf, it is my fault. But breaking out neighbors windows is a bit much, kids.  We all did it, and I understand the need, just not the reasons. 

You turn yours up, and I don't want to hear it.  I can turn mine up in response 'till my speakers blow out, but all that will do is annoy everyone else around us all the much more.  Or, I can just ignore you and hope you go away.

Think I'll do that.  Go away, at a normal speed, and play till you are as deaf as I am. Just keep it sane please, and don;t ask me to help pay for the hearing aids!

-Yer Ol' Buddy Scotty-

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