We all have favorite holiday stories for pretty much every holiday, don't we?  Here is my favorite Easter story.....

My grandkids think I am older than dirt.  Even though they are sure I was alive at the time of the resurrection, I wasn't.  I do not personally recall the resurrection.  Limiting my favorite Easter to one which I actually witnessed leaves us with more than 40 Easters though. Still a lot. 

Like many American kids, my Brother and I looked forward to Easter every year.  Free Candy!!  For some odd reason that our tubby little minds could not fathom, we usually got new clothes for Easter too. The Easter Bunny left them I suppose.  

By the early 1970's, even Lafayette had some of the fashion of the day.  One Easter, (After I was old enough to know about the Easter Bunny but not old enough to admit I knew, for fear the free stuff would stop coming) I woke up on a sunny Sunday morning to find the Easter Bunny had left me a lime green leisure suit, complete with a wide white belt and an imitation silk lime green shirt.  Slap on some polished up Dingo boots, and I was Stylin'!!  

For those of you who don't know, according to Wikipedia,  "A leisure suit is a fashion and fad of the 1970s, consisting of a shirt-like jacket and matching trousers, usually made of stretchable double knit polyester. "  Add to that description our propensity to like bright (almost florescent colored) clothing, and you have the makings of a really ugly style.  My little brother got a similar suit, in a different color, so we must have looked like two fat little cartoon characters in those suits.  What a pair!  I am sure our Mom thought we were the cutest kids in the world though, after all, that is what Moms do, and, besides, I imagine she picked out those hideous leisure suits.  

We got all dressed up in those hideous outfits, and went out for a donut at a little place on Teal Road called MR Donut, then on to church from there.  My Brother Craig and I loved those ugly suits. We thought we were really in style when we put them on. No accounting for taste, huh?

Over the years, my wife Carol and I had the same traditions for our kids as far as the new outfits on Easter, (maybe some hidden candy too, YUM) but for some reason that lime green leisure suit is still burned into my mind.  It is a memory, some little remnant in my warped mind, of a simpler, happier time.  I hope I never forget it.

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