The way in which one views a situation can change the setting of the situation. Recently I mentioned i was at a particular location. I had a friend jump out and condemn the location based on his experience at this location. I will not say if his perspective was accurate or not, but his viewpoint was over the top and off topic. The place I was visiting was helping support autism and help raise awareness for this condition. The location was doing a great service to this cause, and I was helping as a security officer. His explanation of his dealings with their main core business really put a negative twist on the good they were trying to accomplish. The rally for Autism touched many people that night. the place of business helped many people by allowing this rally to take place on their grounds. Before one goes around judging actions and voicing their perspective, see what the entire situation is so you don't seem to turn your own image against a great cause. I may not be a fan of everything a person or place does, but I am sure with the proper perspective, I can become a fan of something this person or place does.

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