I never write anything, seldom read anything. So me sitting here writing my first blog ever is a huge challenge. Those of you that know me personally (and not many do) understand I am in  emotional distress. I have done a lot in my life.... As a kid I started playing guitar all the time, possessed some would say, I played for hours and hours. I couldn't ever put the damn thing down. So from the start I was addicted. My dad always had a motorcycle and built 3 wheelers out of Volkswagen's. He always kept me on a motorcycle or something with 2 wheels. He was not a biker, not even close. He is and was a good man and Father. So that was the beginning of my Biker guitar playing Rock-n Roll lifestyle. Some that look from the outside think I live a Bad Ass life. (I use the term Bad Ass a lot you'll see it again). And for the most part My life is Bad Ass.( told you ). Ok back to it, wile most of my friends where raising kids and getting married. I was raising hell and doing lines behind stacks of speakers, howling at the moon all night, and never maintaining a relationship .I was like a kid in a candy shop so to speak.Years later I had got'n bike after bike, way to many high end guitars, and few habits that where tough to break. I always did a few fundraisers for people in need ( Trying to make up for some of my wicked ways ) and found something else I was good at, should be I was a professional partier by this point. So Biker, Rock-n-roll guitar player, Partier, Drugs..... Notice anything missing from my list?  I'll go on and jump ahead a bit, nothing interesting happen for years but the same ol' same ol'. One day I stoped by a friends house that partied as much as I did, ( his wife didn't) She looks at me and says. Doug you look bad, real bad.... To some that would be an insult.... I thought it was, but made me think... I went home to look in the mirror with a fresh set of eyes. Crap I looked bad, real bad. So I stoped everything. So  Biker, Rock-n- Roll guitar player...... My list got shorter in an instant. But something still missing...... One year later, clean as a whistle. I hear the words... I'm pregnant.......( holy crap ),,, I never thought I would be a father... 9 months later I was.. a daughter...Me? serious? she is beautiful.... So glad I was straight (and fat) but a blessing from god..So Biker, Rock-n-roll guitar player, Father. 2 months later I was single..... My list is still missing something..... I did the best to try to do what my father would have done if he was in my shoes, love, nurturer, provide. Jump ahead 4 years ( nothing Bad Ass about being a guy doing the right thing in the state of Indiana, to many guys don't and I suffered for all of them)..... Where were we? Oh yes 4 years later she is living with me..So Biker, Rock-n-roll guitar player,full time single Father, Something is still missing from my list.....I teach my daughter things as honestly as I can, spoil her to death, take her everywhere... events,lake,Florida,ECT. She has been riding on my bike since she was 2 ( judge loved that in the day....) My point is She is more of a biker than most newbies that buy a bike one day, tattoo the next, sturgis T shirt telling chicks they have rode for years.... So Biker, Rock-n-roll guitar player,full time single Father with a daughter that is more of a biker than some in there 30's... Somethings still missing...My Daughter has everything (probably shouldn't have spoiled her so much.) She is on the Honor Roll at school, just started riding a dirtbike, loving, caring, beautiful,(I'll be in jail soon, Boys I have guns... ) but there is one thing that she wants more than anything, the one thing that I have seem to struggle to provide that my Father and Mother provided for me....Remember the list was always missing something? Its missing what she wants the most.... A family........ I have always got her what she wants... If I dont have it I find it.... If I cant afford it I work for it...... People always say that " you just haven't found the right one yet "  Or the best one that has stuck with me my whole life " You'll know it when you find her "....... hate to break it to you... its not true...( I hope it turns around).........  So the moral to my story..... who wants to be like my Father?.....                                    ....................................."This guy"

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