Before you say it...yes, it's true and legal... Time for a sermon from the Right Reverend Dr. S.A.Schnarr.....

Trayvon Martin's parents will need the emotional support and strength to make it through what must be a very traumatic feeling for them. We can all relate to the loss of a loved one, and the feeling that someone should be held accountable. ...someone should pay. What saddens me is that people see it all as black and white, both literally and figuratively, with no regard for how the other side may see it. We are all humans. ..we all make mistakes....and we all tend to draw conclusions on how we want things to be rather than look at actual facts..... Ever try to "walk a mile in the other man's shoes"? Try it.....

Walk with the Right Reverend Dr. S.A. Schnarr for a few, if you would be so kind, please.....

The press...and now several to portray Trayvon as a baby faced innocent child. The pictures are months, in some cases years, old. The most innocent and lovable looking pics they could find with him wearing a hoodie.... (to reinforce innocence in our minds since a hoodie had been mentioned by Zimmerman). We are all being played. We all know how much a teenagers appearance changes in a few months, right? He could damn well have looked scary to Zimmerman. Personally, I resent the press spoon feeding me an opinion by using tricks like that. Even if the opinion is in fact the truth. Why don't they remind us that Trayvon was bigger than Zimmerman? Or had facial hair? Because he would be harder to sell us as an innocent "child" if he looked like a man. Harder for them to sensationalize the story and sell ad time or space.

It is not our place to assign blame. Even if it was, how could we? We can't know what was in their hearts or minds. What if the roles were reversed? No matter how they got there...Lets say Zimmerman is kickin' the crap outta Trayvon, pounding his head against the curb. If that was the case, and Trayvon then shot Zimmerman, the same people screaming for justice for Trayvon, would still think he was the victim, wouldn't they? They'd still be screaming for "justice for Trayvon" if Trayvon were on trial rather than deceased. But we cant even consider Zimmerman' s story? 

Remember, even if Zimmerman was in fact racist or profiling, it was not any more illegal to follow Trayvon than it was for Trayvon to be there. We have to try and understand how the other person feels. 

My question is.... if it is NOT about race, would we even be having this discussion? If both were the same race, any race, then there would be no outcry. No press. No Sharpton or Jackson rallies. No prosecutions coming weeks after being cleared by the police for lack of evidence (I didn't say innocence). No Holder-Obama involvement in an otherwise unremarkable case. Consider ....Why do you and I know about it at all? Press. Twisted news...all of it with a specific agenda. Those of us that haver made a personal decision as to innocence or guilt have done so, not with knowledge of intent, or even with all of the evidence. We have done so based on here-say, and the garbage shoveled at us by those with an agenda, an axe to grind.

Our courts don't always get it right, but we all know that they get it right most of the time. We can't read minds and we weren't there. The jury heard weeks of testimony, dozens of experts. That jury saw more than you and I could imagine....and still... they can't know for sure. They can't see Trayvon or George's heart. We have to believe that the jury followed their hearts with all honesty and the best of intentions based upon what they saw and heard in court. They deserve our thoughts, prayers, good Karma, and thanks too. They have experienced extreme trauma, and will continue to live with one of the toughest decisions of their lives for a long time to come.

This young man's death is tragic. The world will never benefit from his future. His family will never be able to hug him again. That makes my heart cry. For them, and for him. But I don't have to believe what the press spoon feed us as supposed "fact" to feel sadness in my heart for their loss. 

It would be my hope that communities will move forward. People will move forward. Come together to improve the types of attitudes and situations that led us all to this point. Its tough to do that if we dwell on negative...(retribution)

If you claim to be Christian, before you do or say something stupid, remember retribution is against the teachings of the Bible. (Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; and I will repay, saith the Lord) ....As I recall, the concept is also true for most religions. Even for those who do not claim to be Christian, Dig this Brothers and Sisters: Retribution in the name of Trayvon Martin is just bad Karma, and it ain't too damn cool either.

Brothers and Sisters....I will continue to do my best to dwell on the needs if the living... to try and heal, as I am confident you will as well. That's all we can do....but together, we will leave this ol' world a better place than we found it. 

I bid you peace. 
-Rev. Dr. S.A.Schnarr-

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