Happiness is defined in the dictionary as "state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy."

But what defines YOUR happiness is the TRUE meaning of happiness.

We all look for something different in life.....yet we all seem to want the same common goal...happiness

I encounter the public on a daily basis and when people talk about their kids and their future the #1 hope for them is whatever they do...."they are happy"

You can chase money, and they say money can make you happy, but it truely starts somewhere other than the bank account.  It starts within a persons heart and soul.  Throughout my life I have known several millionaires and they too have problems and unhappiness within their lives.

Let's think back to our childhoods, the innocence, the fun we had, WHAT made us happy? Was it working our minimum wage jobs just to put gas in our cars....or was it running the roads, hanging out with friends....being a kid and enjoying life.

Now let's move forward....20 years, do we still want the same things, I bet not...but I bet we all still want happiness

For some it can be found in the security of having a place to rest your head at night, for others it can be achieving a long sought after dream, or finding that love of your life.

We all walk different paths, yet we all hope up to end up at the same destination.....It's called "Be Happy"


I've watched many come, and many go,

I've listened to many regrets and wishes never met,

Broken hearts and broken dreams,

And helplessness in between,

Through the journey to find that special place,

That requires no money, or paticular dwelling,

Only a desire to be, what everyone only dreams to be.......




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Comment by Karen White on April 19, 2012 at 12:54pm

I am a happy person and anything else that is in my life is just a bonus!


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