When you "Assume" you make an.......well, you remember...LOL

We all make assumptions about others don't we? 

Some of us try to deny it, others embrace it, but we all do it. We can't help it. 

Usually the assumption is about someone who is perceived to be somehow significantly different than you...different race, different religion, different body type, different hobby, different hair color even. Who hasn't heard a blonde joke, or a Polish joke?  We all know neither the blonde or the polish are less intelligent than any other group, right?  

What about a different race than yours being lazy, or eating specific foods, or being overachieving and super smart?  We all know that is pretty much hogwash, right?  

As far as assumptions others make about me, I am pretty lucky in that regard.  Because I am not readily identified by strangers as being a part of any certain nationality or religion, most folks don't toss me into some derogatory category based on stuff I can't control about myself (like skin color for example).  For me, the assumptions folks make are based on stuff I control.  People make assumptions about me based on my size, my ability to think, speak, and write, my weight, my demeanor, etc.

A lot of people make assumptions about me based only on the fact that I ride a motorcycle...well, not just any motorcycle....I am "one of THOSE people" (you know, the ones that ride Harley Davidsons). If they don't know me, at least some of their assumptions are probably wrong.

I am overweight.  I admit to being fat.  No apologies, no particular regrets.  Some folks see the fat as stupid, or lazy, or slovenly. What does my weight have to do with my brain, or willingness to work?

I am outspoken on many issues, in some very public forums, or in the local newspaper.  There are those among us who assume I am somehow less intelligent than they are, therefore less entitled express an opinion, especially when my views on politics, religion, or gun control, are different than theirs. Funny how that works.  Anybody who doesn't agree with us is automatically somehow less intelligent, somehow less entitled to an opinion in our eyes a lot of the time.

On the good side though, I have huge hands, (wear a size 15 ring), and have big feet too, (size 13-14), and, for a guy, the assumptions folks make about you when you have very large feet or hands, (or both), aren’t so bad to live with…….

Still, Next time you see a guy carrying a handgun, don't assume he is a criminal, he may have a lifetime license to carry, like I do.  Please don't assume the blonde cashier you see today is less intelligent than you are, or that the Indian fellow at the gas station is somehow less of a human being that you are.  You  know, talking louder and slower to them will not make them understand what you are saying any better. It may be the concept, or the delivery, that is lacking, not the receiver.  Get the point yet?

 OK, one more....Next time you run into a Biker at Wal-Mart, don't assume he or she is a criminal, dope smoking, unemployed murderer. They may be intelligent, funny, charitable, loyal people, just the kind of friend you always wanted.  It would be a shame to miss out just because of some little bias.

But the assumptions about a guy like me are fundamentally different than assumptions about some others, aren’t they? The difference between me, and say, the Polish guy down the street, is I can go on a diet if I want, or shut my big mouth, to change the basis for the assumptions.  He can't change being Polish, no matter how smart and against stereotype he is. Assumptions about me are small potatoes in comparison.  Dig it?


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