Your friends are where you find 'em, no matter who they are, or what they are.....

The last thing you need is a sermon from yer Ol' Buddy Scotty,so let's skip that part, OK? “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”... Remember the story? So the story goes, the authorities took an adulterous woman to Jesus, asking Him what he would do with her. They stood ready to stone her to death. He responded to their queries with some version of the “let he who is without sin…” thing. 

Even if you believe that the Bible is the word of God, ya gotta know that Biblical scholars say that this story was added centuries after the Bible was written.  So why'd they add it? What did they have to gain? There must have been a pretty damned important point to make, if they felt the need to add stuff to the Bible, huh? So, what was the point?  

I aint no preacher.  And I aint sayin' I agree with all the stuff in the Bible. BUT, this story makes an important point.  Stay with me folks....

I don’t think it was about condemning the death penalty, and I don’t think the point was to “live and let live” either, nor do I buy into the “judge not lest ye be judged” stuff. I think the point was to embrace the sinner, but not the sin. In other words, you can still love your friends, or your family, or even strangers, without supporting their mistakes. Being friends with a biker, or several, doesn't make you (or your biker friends) a Hell's Angel, or somehow less of a Christian.  Being friends with a racist doesn't mean you condone racism. Being friends with a Democrat doesn't mean you support Obama. With me now?

Good idea, right? Let me give ya an example of how this works. A few years back, I was a laborer at a local factory. As with most factories, there were laborers of several races, speaking several languages there. The work was hard, and having buddies to talk to helped pass the day and forget about our exhaustion. One of my buddiess was a really friendly young farmer. We would talk from time to time, tell jokes, share a can of Copenhagen, generally pass the day. Then, one day, a Hispanic fellow came to work with us. Although Hispanics were common in this factory, my friend, the amiable farmer, without even knowing this fellow, turned to me and proceeded to spew forth a virtual mountain of racial epithets. He refused to work with anyone who was not Caucasian. I was dumbfounded. Apparently my friend was severely racist, and no amount of coaxing on my part would change his mind.

Now what? I had a decision to make. I decided not to be that jerk who "casts the first stone", and remain friends, although we did not agree on the issue of race. The point is, we all have issues, and we all believe something, or do something, or ARE something, that our friends and family don’t agree with. The hard part is “dropping the stone” and respecting that person for who they are, or sometimes in spite of who they are.  Dig it?  You got it from yer Ol' buddy Scotty, so you know it's the truth!!

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Comment by Homegrownbiker on March 24, 2012 at 8:47am

I had a feeling you would like this....hehe

Comment by Scott Schnarr on March 24, 2012 at 10:16am

Yep. Dig it. Hope everybody else starts bloggin too!


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